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About Us

The company VPS s.r.o. was founded in January 1994. Each of us is university graduated with long-term practice in industrial processes.

At the beginning of its activity, VPS s.r.o. received an offer from Motorola Inc. to provide technical consultancy services. We have participated in projects of technology and production lines transfers into Central Europe. A part of our services was development and accomplishment of training programs for engineers in the area of manufacturing, technology, design and quality of semiconductor devices. Besides the experience from manufacturing sites in Korea, Malaysia, France, Mexico, Great Britain and U.S.A., we took part in a series of Motorola University educational courses. Two of us  became certified Motorola University instructors.

In 1995, VPS, s.r.o., has started the contracted cooperation with quality system certification body TÜV NORD s.r.o. Bratislava. We have focused on customers establishing and/or improving  their quality systems according EN ISO 9001 or IATF 16949 standards to support them with the training and practice in the area of the advanced methods of quality management and improvement e.g. SPC, FMEA, measurement system analysis, DOE, 8D  etc.

The service for Motorola has been expanded to the projects of improvement and optimization of manufacturing processes in their plants in Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. An extent of services has been further expanded by development of custom-tailored software (particularly in Microsoft Excel applications). Since 1998, VPS, s.r.o. participated in preparing of the Six Sigma program for ON Semiconductor (Motorola successor). Before expanding of Six Sigma to Lean Six Sigma, we provided them with consultancy in the area of industrial engineering, particularly capacity models and models of cycle time control.

One of us is certified Six Sigma Black Belt by American Society of Quality (ASQ) and is ASQ senior member. 

VPS, s.r.o. participated on the development of the Quality Management university course at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and we have delivered several years, as the practice experts, some lectures of various topics.