Please, make a choice from several Add-Ins and applications for MS EXCEL and download free.
Please respect they are dedicated for non-commercial purposes or for the education process at schools only.

Simulator - ANOVA

(download - .zip, 437 kB)
Simulator demonstrates the results of one-way ANOVA depended on the means difference and standard deviation of population and depended on the sample size. 
Moreover, there is a demonstration of two-way ANOVA for the repeatability and reproducubility ((R&R) purposes. 

Simulator - Linear Regression

(download -  .zip, 119 kB)
Simulator demonstrates the principle of the least squares method for linear model development, the utilization of ANOVA for estimation of the significance and prediction ability of linear model and demonstrates the behaviors of linear model confidence band. 

Simulator - Statistics minimum for industry

(download -  .zip, 1,5 MB)
Let you investigate a random and special causes effect, the point and interval estimations, the principle of Cp/Cpk calculation, an effect of R&R to process capability, an effect of non-normality to Cp/Cpk value, the gauge performance or the statistical stability