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Useful Templates

List of templates:

Templates for MS Excel 2007 and higher versions as a forms with calculation and graphs generation after required data are recorded - see sample
Each template has two language modifications: Slovak and English.
Simple utilization without any manuals - forms contain explanations and guides created as a Excel cell comments. 
Up-to-date status  coresponding to requirements according Ford, Chrysler, GM (A.I.A.G.) reference manuals and aligning to IATF 16 949 standard.
Moreover, the files and the results of comparing to other trustworthy sources are included as an evidence of the software ability to fulfill intended application (IATF 16949, par.
Guaranted variability - you purchase only what you need.
Not restricted number of installations within company - logo of your organization is required to be placed into forms only 

price of one template: 35,00 EUR (excl. VAT)